Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

The tales of the ancient Middle Eastern kings are dark and glorious, and you can easily get caught up in all the excitement that surrounds these deep mysteries of the world. One of the most popular aspects that people like to fixate on from this time period is the fact that the kings were buried with loads of treasures surrounding them so that they could have these precious belongings wherever they were going in the next world. Many people have sought out these treasures, but we have a secret to tell you. You can gain access to these lucrative gold mines right here at Mansion Casino when you play the Pharaoh's Kingdom scratch off cards today! Check it out.

Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Games Online

Unlike many of the Egyptian-themed sports on our site, the Pharaoh's Kingdom scratch offs are an animated variety with a much lighter tone than the rest. One thing that this version does take seriously is the payouts. In fact, the Pharaoh's Kingdom scratch cards pay out better and more frequently than a lot of other scratch games online out there, so it is definitely worth your while to take a closer look!

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Symbols

The symbols you’ll find on each of these cards have everything to do with the early civilization. You’ll find icons like the sacred scarab bug, earthen jugs, hieroglyphics, the eye of Ra – a deeply religious symbol – the pyramids, and statues of cats to name a few. The way these cards are designed, you have six squares with different icons on each one. The point is to match one of these icons with the icon that is hidden within the statue standing next to the grid. If you match up the prize image with any one on the board, you’ll win the amount that is shown on the screen! The prize icon comes out with a nifty little graphic. The head of the statue steams up and rises off of its base, and the image pops out into the open.

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Features

You can play each Pharaoh's Kingdom scratch card individually, or take advantage of the Auto Play option. This is an operation that will generate the cards automatically, clear away the façade instantly, and inform you of your wins each time they occur. You can select anywhere up to fifty rounds to be automated, so give it a try. Our stellar Australian online casino is all about making your gambling experience the best, so get ready to be amazed!