Play Pink Panther Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Do you like watching detective shows? Are you always trying to guess who the bad guy is until the last minute? Well, in one case, we can already tell you the culprit from the very beginning because the title role is given to the villain for a change! In our Pink Panther scratch cards, you are racing to catch that criminal cat in action, and maybe rack up some cash along the way. Let our dynamic Australian online casino show you the ropes!

Play Pink Panther Scratch Games Online

Pink Panther Scratch Highlights

The Pink Panther scratch offs give you a great flavour, and the sounds and images all play into the theme so well, you’ll think you are right in there with that 60’s classic all over again! The main character stands to the side of the screen holding your potential wins in hand (or paw). When each cad is played, it will fly up to the front and center. If you are playing automated, then the entire card will be scratched away instantly. Pay attention to the two top corners. The right one controls the freebie bonus that we’ll explain below. The left on controls the letter bonus that is also discussed later on the page. Both of them have the power to payout major winnings, so keep playing, and you might be the next guy to vacation on your gambling earnings from our casino online!

Pink Panther Scratch Symbols & Bonuses

Imagine winning the grand jackpot; 15,000 times the base wager! That’s what will head straight for your bank account when you line up three of these cool cat symbols, so start shuffling those cards now. The other characters also pay out nicely with the inspector cashing in at nine times your card value and Little Man paying out a quadruple helping of earnings.

Hungry for some bonus action? Well the Pink Panther scratch off cards actually have quite a bit of that going on, unlike most other scratch games online. If you reveal the bonus symbol, a locked safe, you’ll be rewarded with one, two or three free cards automatically! These freebies are played out instantly when you get the symbol, so keep your eyes glued to the screen. Are you a champion speller? Well, you don’t have to be to get this next bonus. Just spell out the popular colour for this version, and you’ll receive eight times your wager! The letters will pop up to the bonus section at the top of the screen to show you your progress and to keep the excitement mounting, so let’s start spelling!