Play Rocky Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Are you one for watching the boxing match live or on the screen? Well, now you can access that adrenaline pumping, knock out action whenever you want thanks to the Rocky scratch off cards from our online casino! These entertaining cards are loaded up with all the fighting excitement you could ask for, and the cash prizes are nothing to sneeze at either. Get yourself an account, and start winning like a heavyweight champion today!

Play Rocky Scratch Games Online

Rocky Scratch Rival Fighters

Wondering how to win? If you aren’t familiar with the ring, that’s ok. You can still come out of these scratch games online a victor just by playing a few rounds! Of course, if you know the film series, all of the characters will be a lot more entertaining and memorable. Something fun about our Rocky scratch cards is that you get to choose your opponent from the onset. As in the movies, there is Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang, the most fearsome fighters known to man. See if you are man enough to stand up against these boxers and take home the major jackpot that comes along with them!

These three choices stand still, along with the close up of your favourite fighter. Once you click on one, though, the action really starts up. The graphics for this version are particularly entertaining. Each opponent comes along with his own video clip that plays out dramatically when he is chosen for the fight. If this is your lucky day, then you’ll get to punch out your rival; otherwise, you’ll be down for the count. Watching each of the clips is almost as much fun as winning the jackpot, and that is one thing that makes playing this version so amusing!

Rocky Scratch Payouts

Choose the card value before you start playing. This is what will determine how much you spend on each round and also how much you will receive for each win. The higher the value of the card, the more lucrative your winning potential becomes, as is indicated by the jackpot on the screen. Notice how, when you raise the card price, the Win Up To value also increases? The pricier the card, the more money you are going to make from our stupendous Australian online casino when you play. So load up our Rocky scratch off cards today, and enjoy the thrill and the rush of a good fight no matter what day of the week, day or night, and whenever you want!