Play Roulette Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

If you enjoy mash ups, then you’ll really like the way our Roulette scratch off cards play to your tune. Taking two of the best gambling sports possible and combining them into one phenomenal attraction can only make for wild and crazy fun-filled nights. So get ready for some real fun when you visit the best Australian online casino ever!

Play Roulette Scratch Games Online

Roulette Scratch Highlights

What can we say; Roulette scratch is one of the classiest scratch games online you will ever find. The board is designed as a wheel of numbers, as the name implies, but the rules are very different from both varieties in fact. Instead of the ordinary grid style you might be used to playing with, this version has rows, and each row represents a different round that can be played. In truth, all five rounds are being played out simultaneously, and that adds to the fun as well. After all, how often to you get to enjoy the excitement of five challenges at one go? Not too often, which is why so many of our members prefer to play Roulette scratch offs over any other version. Back to the rules, though, you will place a wager to get the wheel spinning. We have a range of card values that you can select, and there is no wrong answer, so go ahead and buy to your liking. Watch the prize value increase as the price of the card does!

How to Play Roulette Scratch

Once the money is settled, you can press Play. This will cover the playing board and wheel with a silver film. You can manually wipe away this film, or you can have the computer do the entire thing for you. Some people like to get in there and do everything on their own, while others would rather put their feet up and have somebody else do the heavy lifting. Once again, there’s no wrong way to have fun! Rub away at the wheel to reveal which number is the winning digit. Next, clear off each of the rows to see if any of your rounds are winners. The way to win is by revealing the same number on one of your rows as the number from the wheel. Each round has its own prize amount, and this will also be uncovered as you play each round.

Our Roulette scratch off cards are fun and entertaining for any punter, so why not stop by Mansion Casino today, and get in on the fun too?