Play Santa Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Kris Kringle is a jolly old fellow who makes everyone happy, especially around Christmas time. Only now he has taken his good cheer and amicable habit of gift giving to a new level with his Santa scratch off cards! One other thing that makes these cards even better than the winter holiday is that you can access them whenever you want on our outstanding Australian online casino. Whatever time of day, wherever you are in the world and no matter what day of the week or year, we are always here and ready to serve up some exciting gambling fun, so hop in and let’s bring the holidays early!

Play Santa Scratch Games Online

Santa Scratch Highlights

The Santa scratch cards are designed to be a veritable winter wonderland, and we think you will agree that they’ve done a bang up job. The background is covered in all things that are the North Pole, from snowdrifts and white-capped mountains to evergreens nestled in the frost. The cards themselves are bordered with a candy cane stripe that just makes these online scratch games even more appealing than they were before, and there are other candy canes peppering the landscape. Old St. Nick has mounted his sled, and is just waiting for you to win a round so he can start handing out the gifts! Snowflakes cover the images until you are ready to play, so let’s get started!

Santa Scratch Symbols

There are loads of holiday-themed icons that are constantly showing up on the cards. These include decorated trees, snow globes, stockings stuffed with candy, gingerbread men, presents wrapped and bowed, reindeer, and more. While all the images are adorable to watch, only the red and white-garbed Father Christmas will trigger a win. Get three of these laughing symbols to win the prize. And when you do, St. Nick will drive away on his sled, and leave a mound of presents behind for you. You’ll also collect the money amount that is listed above the card.

Playing our Santa scratch offs is as entertaining as ever, but there’s plenty of more fun to be had at our casino online! Just visit our site lobby, and see all of the options that are available to you. You’ll love taking part in each one of these exciting gambling sports, and, when you walk away with a bundle of cash, you’ll love it even more! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an account, and get busy having fun now!