Play Spamalot Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

If you find turns of phrases, twisty puns and straight up British humour amusing, then you are going to love our Spamalot scratch off cards. These raucous gambles are loaded up with images, graphics and sounds that are likely to keep you rolling on the floor with laughter the whole way through. Of course, the one thing that isn’t funny about this version is how much money you can make off of it! So hurry into our online casino now, and see if you can make it past the brave knights to the victor’s circle.

Play Spamalot Scratch Games Online

Spamalot Scratch Symbols

The Spamalot scratch offs are bursting with personality, and anyone familiar with this classic sitcom style is going to get a real kick out of the entire package. The screen is a bright blue sky with some unusual characters hanging about. King Arthur and the knights are peeking out from the Holy Grail, and you can see the knights who say ni carrying their flags proudly. The symbols that appear on the board are every bit as amusing. There is the lady of the lake, who stands blushing as she loses her top when you win the round with her, the terrifying killer rabbit in all its white, fluffy glory, the brave none shall pass knight, the ni-calling knights, a befuddled King Arthur, the Holy Grail shinning out, and many others you are sure to recognize.

How to Play Spamalot Scratch

As is the case with many scratch games online, this Spamalot scratch version is easy to learn. The idea is to match the prize image with one of the other six images that appear on the squares during the round. If you do, then you win the amount that is indicated on the prize square. More importantly, though, when you win, the system plays a great song from the Life of Brian (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life), and various hilarious animations are played out. For example, when you win with the killer rabbit, a group of knights run up to the bunny and, as the hare bares his fangs and glows his red eyes, flee from the scene. The Holy Grail dumps someone out of the chalice ceremoniously. We won’t go through them all, but suffice to say, all are entertaining and worth playing to watch!

Spamalot scratch cards are a great way to spend your time off, so load up our Australian online casino platform now, and start enjoying your weekends more!