Play The Mummy Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Hope you don’t scare easily because this next installment of our online scratch games is a real thriller! Based off of the popular movie starring Brendan Frasier, The Mummy scratch off cards feature all the coolest aspects from the film and a whole lot more! Of course, if you are a real fan, you’ll need to get in on the action to really believe it, so hurry in to our Australian online casino now.

Play The Mummy Scratch Games Online

The Mummy Scratch Symbols & Highlights

The Mummy scratch cards have the authentic ancient Egyptian style across every inch of the screen. The background is a cobweb-covered tomb, the icons are lined with a deep golden bronze colour, and, of course, the playing images support the narration beautifully. Check out the vivacious Evelyn Carnahan, the bare-chested he high priest Imhotep, the sai wielding Anck Su Namun, and, who could forget him, Rick O’Connell bringing up the front. Wait, who’s missing from this Mansion Casino line up? Oh that’s right. The hideously frightening inhumed king of Egypt, and the star of the show, takes centre stage on this one folks, so look out, and watch your backs!

Some of the symbols will pay less, while others are more generous. You might just get an even payout, which is still a good win if you ask us because it means you can play another round without feeling any loss. Other times, you’ll get double your wager, ten times the card value and higher. The big jackpot to hold out for, though, is the 1000 times the card price pot! Get three of the same image to win the amount that they represent. In addition, you’ll get to see a very small clip animation from the movie itself when the winning combination appears. The star of The Mummy scratch cards is as creepy as ever, though, when he wins. Three of these symbols make the graphic climb out of his square and lunge towards you in a horrifying display!

The Mummy Scratch Bonus Feature

The Mummy scratch off cards have a bonus feature too. You can activate it by finding the ancient relic symbol anywhere on the screen. If you do, you’ll be brought to the Lost City Bonus round. Here, you can choose from six caskets to reveal the prize amount hidden within. It’s an exciting addition to these already thrilling scratch games online! Unlike other versions, the bonus symbol actually comes up really frequently, so you are also taking in a little extra something now and again.