Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have semi-super human powers? Maybe just have incredible strength or an invincible grip, something that would make you stand out and give you the edge up on the bad guys? Well, that was kind of the idea behind the making of The Six Million Dollar Man scratch cards. Steve Austin was a regular guy with a little something extra; bionic parts! That was his winning ticket, and now we can give you yours with some gambling fun from our magnificent Australian casino online. Take a look.

Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Games Online

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Highlights

The Six Million Dollar Man scratch is a fun-filled option that gives you some entertaining images to view as you play. In fact, it actually has some of the best graphics that we’ve seen yet for this particular movie theme. The pictures are all crisp and clean images, and the winning banner is well done. When you match up a winning combo, a laser beam comes out of the top of the screen, and blasts the words YOU WIN across the screen. Look out for some funky fingers and feet because these are what will win you the big payouts. Find hands, feet, eyeballs and other bionic parts to get your own victory.

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Card Change Up

One other fun thing about The Six Million Dollar Man scratch cards that differs from some other versions in the online scratch games category is the way you make a winning combination. Normally, you need to get three in a row, right? Well, here the winning combos needn’t be in a single line or row. In fact, any three symbols of the same kind anywhere on the board creates a win. This makes winning a whole lot easier than you would imagine, so get started on your own winning streak today!

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