Play Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Soccer is the kind of sport that lends itself to stories being written about it. After all, how many other sports can stir their fans to overwhelm the opponents after a match or stand in the freezing cold with their chests painted in the team colours? Not too many, that’s for sure! Well, this next Playtech edition has summed up the sport beautifully by collecting some of the truly greatest players out there from all times, and given them their own thrown to sit on. The Top Trumps Football Legends scratch off cards bring you the prodigies of sport along with the excitement of a gambling round rolled up into one, so get onto our online casino field and start having a blast!

Play Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Games Online

Playing Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch

Who’s ready for a little soccer practice? The name of these scratch games online is match that personality and win some cash if you do! With the Top Trumps Football Legends scratch card appearing on your right side, you’ll have six chances to find the same player that is located in the circle on the left. So, if, for example, Marco Van Basten makes an appearance in the prize circle, you are going to be looking for Marco on one of those six squares as well. To find him there is to win the round, so let’s get moving!

Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Symbols

Our Top Trumps Football Legends scratch cards have plenty of superstars for you to fondly remember. Find some of the real stars of the sport like Marco Van Basten, Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane (who is not only popular for his tongue-twisting name, but his scoring ability too!), Gerd Muller, Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Pele, Alfredo Di Stefano and George Best. As you can see, they’ve really done a good job of picking players from all over the world to represent the stars of this thrilling sport.

Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Features

Got your hands full? That doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun/ Just activate the Auto Play feature to play a boatload of rounds hands-free! Specify from ten to fifty rounds in multiples of ten, and the computer will just start shooting out cards for you to win by. The best part is you never even have to put down your drink to collect your winnings! Everything is calculated automatically by the system and added up accordingly. Head straight for the best Australian online casino ever, and have the time of your life today!