Play 10-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

The name 10-Line Jacks or Better tells pretty much the full tale about how this version of videopoker online actually works.

Play 10-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

Just as you would think, the aim of this game is to have a hand made up of a minimum of a pair of jacks. In other words, even a pair of tens won’t earn you a payout in this version.

But this is not the only special feature that makes this version, well, special. Not only do you need a pair of jacks or more to win, you are also given many opportunities to win. The reason for this is that unlike the regular one-line version of poker, you are given 10 hands to win from. Each 5-card hand is dealt from a different deck of cards, so it’s like playing 10 different games. What makes this unique though is that when you hold a card or cards in the first line, it will automatically hold the same card or cards in all other 9 lines.

Once you’re done with your selection of which cards to hold, click on the Deal button and wait to see which new cards are dealt your way! If you’ve landed a winning combination, you’ll be paid out, and your total winnings will be a sum of your earnings from all 10 lines. This is poker at its best!

10-Line Jacks or Better And The Progressive Jackpot

Now there is something else that makes 10-Line Jacks or Better stand out from the other regular versions, and that is the fact that it’s linked to a progressive jackpot. That’s right, hit the right combination in your first line and you’ll be the envied winner of the massive jackpot prize that just keeps on growing as players at this Australian online casino and all over the world place bets on this game.

The combination that will win you the jackpot prize is the Royal Flush, but the conditions that have to be met is that firstly, as mentioned, you need to have this combination of cards on the first line, and secondly, that you have to have Bet Max when you placed your bets.

Double Feature Of 10-Line Jacks or Better

10-Line Jacks or Better also has an additional gamble feature, where you’ll get to double-up your winnings from a successful hand. After you’ve won, you have two options – either to collect your winnings, or to gamble them for double or half-double your money! Select the Double button to activate the feature, and then choose a card from a choice of 4 face-down cards. If your chosen card is higher than the dealer’s chosen card, then you can win double your earnings. If it’s lower, you’ll lose these same earnings, and a tie gives you a chance to collect or double-up once again.

When you play 10-Line Jacks or Better at Mansion Casino, you’ll get to enjoy all these special features that make this version a huge hit in the online poker arena. Try your hand at the game first in the practice mode of our online casino to get familiar with the rules and the paytable, and then come join us where the real money lies!