Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

In 4-Line Aces and Faces it’s all about the ace cards and the face cards, which are the jack, queen and king of course! These are the cards that you’ll most want to see drawn on your hand, because any lower pairs will not pay you out. In fact, the lowest combination that you can be dealt to win a payout is a pair of jacks.

Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online

This is the first distinguishing feature of 4-Line Aces and Faces online videopoker. The second feature that makes it different from even the regular Aces and Faces version is that there are 4 lines, or 4 hands, that you’ll be dealing with in this game.

More About 4-Line Aces and Faces

These four hands mean 3 extra ways to win over and above your first hand. How it works is that each line is dealt from a different deck of cards, and you’ll be dealt 5 cards for each hand.

You’ll be dealing with the first hand as your base. Any card that you choose to hold in your first hand will be held across all other lines in the same position. Anything you don’t hold in that first hand will be discarded and replaced from the first hand when you press the Deal button. Once you deal, you’ll see which winning combinations you’ve landed across all 4 hands. Your total win is determined from the winnings of all 4 hands.

Once you’ve earned a payout, you’ll get one more choice to make to win even more credits. Click on the Double button if you would like to chance your earnings to win double your money! This is for those who aren’t afraid to take a chance, because if you win, you’ll double-up and if you lose, you’ll lose the winnings from the last hand. This gamble feature works by showing you a set of cards made up of 5 cards. The first is the dealer’s so you’ll get to select from the remaining four face-down cards. Pick wisely because only the card that is higher than the dealer’s will guarantee you double or half-double your money, depending on the bet that you placed.

How To Play 4-Line Aces and Faces

Playing 4-Line Aces and Faces at our online casino is as simple as they come. All you need to do is deposit your credit, set your coin value, Bet One or Bet Max and then press on the Deal button. You can even click on Bet One a couple of times to set the exact Bet that you’d like. If you Bet Max you’ll get access to the biggest payouts, and it will deal the cards for you automatically for that hand. Another automatic feature is the auto-hold feature, whereby the computer will automatically hold all cards of a winning hand on the first deal.

All that’s left for you to do is to choose which cards to hold. The best way to work which cards to hold and which to discard is to know 4-Line Aces and Faces like the back of your hand, check out the paytable and come up with a winning poker strategy that will set your winning streak in motion! And because it’s all online at the leading Australian online casino, you don’t even need to perfect your poker face!