Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Online videopoker has taken classic poker to the next level with the introduction of so many thrilling new twists on this classic card game.

Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

4-Line Jacks or Better is just one of these incredible versions that you will find at our online casino Australia. In this version, you’ll need to get to know the rules of play and the paytable because there are some interesting nuances that make the game even more exciting.

The Specifics Of 4-Line Jacks or Better

The basic poker rules remain the same, which is to get the best combination possible, according to the paytable, from the hand of 5 cards that you’re dealt.

What makes 4-Line Jacks or Better stand out is the details. In this version, you’re not looking for any of the number cards to make pairs, instead any pairs of jacks and up will earn you payouts. And what’s more is that you aren’t limited to just one line of cards – each time you deal, you’ll get 4 chances to win, as there are 4 lines on your screen at one time.

To play, simply set your coin value, Bet One or Bet Max and then deal your cards. You can click on the Bet One button as many times as you wish to get to the bet that you want to make. This applies to the bet per line, so essentially you’ll be betting this amount times by four to cover all four hands.

Now it’s time to put your poker strategy to work! Based on the cards that you’re dealt in the first line, you’ll click to hold whichever card or cards you’d like to keep.

Anything you do choose to hold, will be held on all four hands. You’ll then deal again and see what winning combinations come up! Four hands at once means four ways to win! The paytable will tell you exactly how much you’ve won for the combinations that you have in any of your 4 hands.

Double Your Winnings From 4-Line Jacks or Better

If you’re a player who lives for the thrills, then 4-Line Jacks or Better has exactly what you’re looking for! If you’re a person who knows that a risk-taker is often a money-maker then the double-up feature of this game is for you. Click on the Double (or half-double) button on your screen after any win and then gamble your winnings. Choose a card from a choice of four, and if yours beats the dealer’s then it’s your lucky day! You’ll win double or half-double your winnings. A cherry on top of your game!

4-Line Jacks or Better is waiting for you. So come play your hand at one of the most popular versions of poker at our Australian online casino and bring home the winnings!