Play 50-Line Jacks Or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

50-Line Jacks or Better is the ultimate in videopoker online with its 50 lines on one screen. A line is essentially a hand in these multi-line poker versions, as the 5 cards are dealt from a separate deck for each line.

Play 50-Line Jacks Or Better Video Poker Online

50-Line Jacks Or Better Explained

As the name suggests, the only pairs that count in 50-Line Jacks or Better, just like in all the other Jacks or Better versions, are the jacks, queens, kings and aces. Any pairs of the lower cards, in other words cards numbered 2 – 10, will not earn you a payout. The minimum combination you can get is a pair of jacks.

But the beauty of this version lies in the fact that there are 50 hands dealt in one go! The opportunity for winning is huge! So you may be wondering how it works when there are so many hands involved at once. What happens is that when you click on the Deal button at the bottom of your screen, you’ll be dealt your hand. Click which cards to keep from the first hand and your selection will be repeated across all other hands. Once you’ve finalised what you’re going to keep or discard, then it’s time to deal again. This final deal will replace any of the cards that you didn’t hold and, in doing so, will determine the combinations that you’ll get. You’ll be paid out according to any winning combinations that you land on each of the hands. The paytable is your info source on how much you win for each possible winning combo.

This version also has the option to double your winnings. Are you willing to take a chance to earn double your winnings from a hand? If so, then click on the Double button after you have a paying hand. Or you can choose to Half-Double if you’re feeling a little less brave. Once you’ve activated this feature, choose a card from a set 4 face-down cards. If your card beats the dealer’s card, then you’ll be the winner of double or half-double your payout!

How To Place Bets With 50-Line Jacks Or Better

Playing 50-Line Jacks or Better at our Australian casino online is just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons. To set your coin value, click on the + or – signs to increase or decrease your coin value. Then click Bet One as many times as you like, bearing in mind that the number of times you click this button will determine the number of coins you are betting. If you Bet Max, you’ll place the maximum bet possible, giving you access to the maximum payouts.

Mansion Casino Australia is home to 50-Line Jacks or Better and other fantastic videopoker versions. Sign up today for your welcome bonus and to stand to win incredible rewards.