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The origins of this popular game are shrouded in mystery. Unlike other casino games there’s no definitive answer as to where it began. However, like all good mysteries, many theories have circulated, including claims of invention by a poker pro and vacationers’ claims of playing it on a cruise ship bound for Aruba.

Play Caribbean Stud Video Poker Online

The true story has yet to be uncovered, but one thing that is known is that the game as it’s known today travelled a long road in order to get to the popular version played in casinos around the world today. It was first played in the Holiday Inn, in Palm Beach, Aruba, known for its highly trafficked tourist trade. The game was originally brought out to tempt poker players over to the table games, however, initially it failed in its attempt. The impetus for the game’s rise to popularity didn’t come about until the suggestion by a computer software engineer who was friends with the casino’s owner that the game include a progressive jackpot. This was the first time that any of the online videopoker linked to a progressive jackpot, and proved just the lure the casino needed to draw players in, and the game took off and shot to the top of the popularity rankings. Today, many tourists travel to Aruba just for the chance to play the game where it was first created. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Technicalities of Caribbean Stud Poker

The rules of Caribbean Stud Poker are similar to the rules used to play regular stud, however, in the Caribbean version of the game, the major difference lies in the set-up. Rather than playing against other players at the table, each players faces off against the house. This fact is incredibly important, and changes the players’ experience of the game dramatically because it involves no bluffing or reading of opponents and their game strategy. Most of the rules of game play are standard across the board, however, small details may vary by casino based on its geographical location.

Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

Each player chooses a marked spot on the layout of the table’s surface in which to place their wager. Players only have the option of placing their wagers and making the decision whether or not to take part in the progressive jackpot until the dealer calls “no more bets”. Once announced, all betting is cut off until the next game is played.

The dealer deals each player and himself five cards, face down. The dealer then proceeds to turn over one of his cards, after which the players are allowed to look at their cards. It is forbidden for players to discuss their hands with each other in any way.

Players then have two options: play or fold. Players who fold forfeit their ante. Players who wish to play must put down a raise in addition to their initial ante. Once all players have either raised or folded their hand the dealer reveals the rest of his hand.

The dealer is only eligible to play if he has both a king and an ace in his five card hand, or his five cards contain a pair or a poker hand with a higher ranking. If the dealer is eligible to play further, he will proceed to compare his hand to each of the other players’ hands, one at a time. Any player with a hand better than the dealer’s hand will be paid their winnings on both their ante and raise. However, if the dealer is not eligible to play further, any players with a hand better than the dealer’s hand will only be paid winnings against the initial ante, and each player’s raise amount will be returned to them.

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