Play Jacks Or Better Multi-Hand Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Jacks or Better Multi-Hand videopoker online is all about giving you choices. Your first choice is the most exciting of all – how many hands to play in one go! That’s correct – you can play up to 100 lines, or hands, per round of play. This gives you endless opportunities to win, as each line is dealt from a different deck of cards. It’s like playing at up to 100 poker tables at once, except this way it’s more efficient and convenient than running from table to table, while still maintaining your poker face. In fact, because this type of poker is all online, you against the house, you don’t even need to keep a poker face at all!

Play Jacks Or Better Multi-Hand Video Poker Online

How To Play Jacks Or Better Multi-Hand

Because this is one of the Jacks or Better versions, your aim is to get at least a pair of jacks. This means that a pair of 10’s or less just won’t do. The paytable has the full scoop of which combinations will pay out what rewards. You’ll notice from the paytable that the more you bet, the more you’ll win. So if you Bet Max, you’ll win the biggest payouts of them all.

When you play Jacks or Better Multi-Hand, you’ll get to choose from a drop-down list how many lines you want to play. You’ll be able to change your number of lines again at the start of a new hand only. Make your choice, set your coin value, choose whether to Bet One (or more) or Bet Max and then deal your cards. Once your 5 cards have been dealt in the first line, you’ll get to pick which cards to hold by clicking on the hold button at the bottom of each card. Once you’ve made your selection, the chosen card or cards will replicate across all lines in your game. Then when you draw new cards, any cards that you didn’t choose in the first line will be discarded and replaced, and the rest of the cards in all the other lines will be revealed. Now you’ll be able to see how many winning combinations you have earned! Your total payout is a sum of anything you win in all of the hands.

Double-Up With Jacks Or Better Multi-Hand

Jacks or Better Multi-Hand also has the gamble feature that you may have reaped the rewards from before in one of the other online poker versions at our online casino. Here, you’ll stand to double or half-double your winnings by wagering after any paying hand. Pick one of four cards and if your card is higher than the dealer’s, you’ll win double or half-double these latest winnings. If it’s lower, you’ll lose, and if it’s a tie, you’ll get to either collect or gamble again.

Come join us today at our Australian online casino and experience all that Jacks or Better Multi-Hand brings to the table. With so many ways to win, you’ll be thrilled that you joined in all the action!