Play Pai Gow Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Back in ancient times all the way across the world in the Far East, the Chinese players of Pai Gow would never have dreamed that their simple domino pastime would one day take the world by storm. Thanks to the magic of the online world, this Chinese tradition has crossed borders, evolved and become one of the most popular online card games imaginable.

Play Pai Gow Video Poker Online

Pai Gow Poker is just this – a modern-day twist on this old Chinese domino game combined with much-loved poker. You can enjoy it at our online casino all the way from Australia, and you don’t even need to understand Chinese to play it!

How To Play Pai Gow Poker

Played with 53 cards, the extra being the joker, this version brings you up against the dealer. What you’re trying to achieve is to create 2 completely separate hands based on what you’ve been dealt. You and the dealer will each receive 7 cards. These will be split, for each of you, into 2 sets – a Low Hand consisting of two from your total hand, and a High Hand consisting of 5 of them. What you’ll want to see happen is for your High and Low Hands, individually, to be higher in value than the dealer’s High and Low individually. You’ll need both of yours to be higher, because if only one hand is higher than the dealer’s corresponding hand, then there’ll be a tie.

If you’re dealt a joker, it can help you out to get a winning hand. But it isn’t without its limitations. This joker isn’t as wild as you would want it to be. It will only stand in to create a Straight, Straight Flush, Flush or Royal Flush. Any other time, it will be used as an ace. Nevertheless, still a very valuable card to hold!

Pai Gow Poker And The Bonus Bet

Pai Gow Poker also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. If you make a Bonus Bet, you can win some incredible bonuses too. We won’t get into all the bonus payouts, because it’s all laid out in the paytable, but the gist of it is that you’ll earn a bonus payout based on what combo you’re dealt in total, in other words, for all 7 in your set. The most you can win in bonuses is 25,000 coins, so it’s a pretty enticing feature to look forward to.

Now it’s time to say Ni hao and welcome to our leading Australian casino online, because today’s the day that you’ll claim your fortune just by signing up, claiming your welcome bonus, and playing online videopoker Pai Gow Poker. And you don’t need a Chinese fortune cookie to tell you that!