Play Tequila Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Get that salt and lime ready because it’s time to down some shots! Some shots at winning big money that is! We’re talking Tequila Poker here, so if you’re not familiar with this favourite, then it’s time to mosey on down to the best remote gambling arena down under, online casino Australia, and give it a shot! Or two, or three…who’s counting?!

Play Tequila Video Poker Online

Once upon a time, not so long ago (in 2005 actually, so really not that long ago), a couple of really bright minds got together and wondered what would happen if we combined videopoker online with blackjack? Surely only a perfect specimen could come from a hybrid of two such exceptional gambling pastimes? The result: Tequila Poker. One of the most enamouring online card games that has ever been created.

What makes this version stand out is that you don’t actually play against any other compadres or even a dealer. It’s you alone, and whether you win or lose is dependent on pre-set values.

This hybrid version is made up of two options – high tequila and tequila poker. Both are equally intoxicating so let’s find out more.

Just like in poker, you’ll start off by making an ante bet, after which 4 face-up cards will be dealt. At this point you’ll get to choose which option you’ll be playing. You could also fold but then you’ll lose out on your ante bet.

If you do decide to go ahead with either of the two options, you’ll be asked to place another equivalent bet, and as your reward you’ll be dealt an extra 2 cards.

Playing The High Tequila Option Of Tequila Poker

What you want to do in this option, is to land a set of 5 with the highest possible point value. Points are calculated in the same way as for blackjack, dependent on which cards you hold. You don’t get to pick your 5 cards, you’ll be judged based on the five highest ones. The paytable will tell you exactly what combos will pay out what.

And Now For Tequila Poker Itself

The Tequila Poker option is more similar to what it’s named after, in that you’ll want to create a winning hand according to the standard rules. Just like in High Tequila, the system will use the top 5 cards from the six that have been dealt. A pair of Aces is the minimum set to earn a payout. Again, you can get the full scoop on the payouts you can earn from the paytable.

So now that you know what this exciting version is all about, you can knock back a couple of rounds at our top Australian online casino. All the action will get your head spinning and get you feeling dizzy with excitement. The party’s happening right here, right now so come sign up today so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out! Because you know what they say about tequila, it sure does make you happy!