Play Wild Viking Video poker Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Two of the most popular casino games played in around the world in casinos today are roulette and poker. These games are two very different games, each with its own unique aspects. If you’ve ever had a hard time deciding which of these thrilling and fun games to play first, life just got a whole lot easier. Wild Viking is a combination of the best parts of both roulette and poker in one of the most fabulous videopoker online offered in casinos.

Play Wild Viking Video poker Online

Wild Viking takes aspects of poker and roulette and fuses them together to give casino players the ultimate gaming experience. So play today at our casino online and go on an adventure that will surely send you straight to Valhalla!

Wild Viking Bets and Rules

The game of Wild Viking is played with 54 cards – the traditional 52 card deck in addition to two jokers. In Wild Viking, players face off not against other players, but against the dealer.

Each player has the option to bet in any of the four different betting areas located around the table. All 54 cards in play (the deck plus the two jokers) are depicted on the table. Players can make one bet, or multiple bets, as they would in roulette. The different betting areas contain both roulette style bets and poker style bets in addition to special Wild Viking bets and progressive jackpot bets.

The centre betting area, which is the table’s main area, depicts all 52 cards found in the traditional deck of cards, and bets on this area are made roulette style, by placing chips on a card in the same way you would place chips on a specific number at the roulette table.

The bottom betting area allows players to bet on black or red or odd or even in a similar fashion to those same bets in roulette, and in addition, players can use this area to make joker bets or Wild Viking bets, which are won when both the first and last cards drawn are jokers and pay out a handsome prize.

The top betting area caters specifically to poker hands. The player must place his chips on a hand, such as one pair, two pair, through four-of-a-kind and full house, essentially betting that that hand will be the hand dealt by the dealer.

Finally, the poker hand betting area features poker hands not found in the top betting area, such as a royal flush or a straight flush.

How to win Wild Viking

Once all bets are made, the dealer will deal out 5 cards, all face up. The centre and bottom sections of the game, pertaining to roulette bets, are determined based only on the fifth and final card put down by the dealer. In other words, if you have placed a bet in the center section on the Ace of Hearts, and the fifth card put down by the dealer is the Ace of Hearts you win.

The two poker sections of the game use all five cards drawn by the dealer in order to determine a win, as those bets are made on a suit.

Wild Viking is also a progressive jackpot game, where you can earn additional winnings by betting on the progressive jackpot as well as on the main game.