Webmoney Casino

E-Wallets are all the rage these days. Just like many other things in the real world, purses have been virtualised! No more hunting for your wallet or tracking down your credit card, it’s all sitting right on the web. And, best of all, an E-Wallet is a whole lot more secure than an actual purse, and a lot safer from pickpockets.

Webmoney is one of the leading digital wallets out there and has built up a reputation of reliability, trust and security. The company is based in Russia, so it services mainly that part of the world. However, it has made such an impact with its technology and service that it has become popular all over the globe, including in Australia.

One particular area where Webmoney is very in demand is in the online gaming world. This is why we at Mansion Casino Australia offer our players the chance to transact using Webmoney. Because money (and heaps of it) is always on the move in an online casino, players feel most comfortable using a money service that is completely secure and that has low processing fees.

How does a Webmoney Casino Work

Through our Webmoney Casino, you can log directly into your Webmoney account. To do this, you would click on the cashier button in your casino lobby. Next, click on Webmoney as your chosen payment option, log-in, confirm the payment amount and the deed is done! You’ll see your casino account fill up with credits immediately.

Webmoney is funded just like any other virtual wallet. When you set up your account (or at any point thereafter) you will link any of your bank cards and even your bank account to your Webmoney account. This is the only time that you would enter any of your personal financial info on the web, and even when you do this, it’s all completely protected and private. Then, each time that you transact at our Webmoney Casino, all you’ll need to remember is one password, and log-in to your Webmoney account. It’s the perfect way to have all your favourite payment methods on hand through one secure portal.

Webmoney supports Dollars, Euros, Rubles and Ukranian Hryvnia. But best of all is that it offers users a chance to hold their money in gold! This means that your money would be valued based on the international gold price.

Deposit and Withdraw at this Webmoney Casino

Players at our Webmoney Casino love the fact that they can use this option for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are immediate so as soon as you complete the transfer, the money will appear in your playing account. Withdrawals are subject to a small processing time of 2 business days, which is better than many payment services. As soon as your winnings are in your Webmoney account, you can put the money into your bank card and start spending! That dream vacation can be yours!

We currently support Webmoney Online Payment method option, in order to open an account Please visit Webmoney Website and for more information about Webmoney CLICK HERE.