Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

If you ever watched the American sitcom, I dream of Jeannie, then you’ll quickly recognize the bewitching card handler in Genie’s Hi Lo. While her nose may not twitch as enchantingly as Barbara Eden, you’ll nevertheless fall head over heels for this exciting and easy going gambling challenge. It’s one to make the category of online arcade games proud, so get into it now!

Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo

Genie's Hi Lo is really intuitive; practically anyone can learn it in just a shake. Here is the quick version for those of you who haven’t played it before at our online casino.

  • The play begins with a screen opening up to a lovely jinni holding up a fan of cards for you to choose from (we can only assume that she is magical because no human being could possibly have dimensions like that without falling over!) Then you are prompted to confirm your bet. You can adjust the wager by clicking on the plus or minus signs respectively.
  • Now you can choose a card at random from the deck. Alternatively, you can have the system choose one for you. Control freaks, conspiracy theorists and the untrusting souls in general prefer to do this part on their own, but if you are the kind of gambler that wants to get the most out of their money, let the machine do the work for you!
  • After the card is turned over, you’ll be asked to determine what the next card will be. There are four options available, and you can pick two of them. The next card will either be black or red, of course. Choose one, and then decide if you think the value of the card will be higher or lower than the currently up-facing card.
  • If you are correct, then once again, you are given a choice. Do you want to continue playing Genie's Hi Lo, or do you want to cash in while the going is good? If you want to keep going, your win will be recorded on the left side of the screen, and the round will continue to the next level. This will keep going until you guess incorrectly or until you reach the major jackpot at the top of the meter! It’s an exciting way to spice up a simple but challenging gamble, so give it a try now for yourself.

Beyond Genie’s Hi Lo

When you’ve had your fill of this guessing variety, you can come enjoy hundreds of other online casino games all in one spot!