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How to Play Craps

The aim of the game of online craps is to roll a certain number after placing your bet on the table. The key to understanding how to play lies in understanding the different bets that can be placed and the possible outcomes of the dice rolls in the game.

Craps Origins

Craps history began in Ancient Rome and has progressed to the modern day game of craps that we know. In order to understand how to play you must learn craps rules for the different bets that can be placed. To begin your game, you must place a bet in the betting area of the table that corresponds to the bet you wish to place. In order to place your bet, click on the chip denomination you want to bet with. To increase your bet, click on the stack of chips on the table. The game will begin with the come out roll. You are able to make the most of the special features available to you when you play craps at the Canadian Make use of game history, audio/visual options and more. You will be able to view your bets and wins clearly to keep track of your game.

Become Expert in Craps at MansionCasino!

You are able to enjoy the game of online craps at Canada. Simply download the online casino software and choose to play in fun mode to practice your game or in real money mode to try your hand at winning real money. If you play in fun mode you can switch over to real money mode as soon as you feel confident in your game. Today, the game of online casino craps is an exciting game that is available to players from all round the world and from all backgrounds – try your hand in the excitement.

Here are some of the basic online craps terms that every player should know before embarking on this wonderful gaming experience at our online casino. The term “come out roll” refers to the initial dice roll that the dealer (known as the shooter in these casino games). Based on what the come out roll is, certain bets will win or lose. Four, five, six, eight, nine or ten are all possible point numbers. If any of these numbers are rolled by the shooter on the come out roll, that number is designated as the point number. The aim now is to roll that number again before a seven is rolled (in order for a pass line bet to win). Of all the casino games available at our grand online casino, online craps is certainly one of the most exciting. So read up on all the rules of play, and dive into the excitement today.