Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

A friendly face is always a welcome sight, and that’s the first thing you’ll see when you load up the Easter Surprise Scratch offs from Mansion Casino Canada. A happy little grey bunny is giving you the thumbs up, welcoming you to these online scratch card games and wishing you good luck on your gambles! There is plenty more surrounding this pastel-coloured façade, so come over, and see for yourself.

Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online

Easter Surprise Scratch is a fancifully decorated wonderland of candy delights. There are chocolate eggs painted in the most delightful patterns a mind could possibly imagine, a sky that had to be painted that shade of blue, a field of greenery that is just begging you to roll around in it, and the happy rabbit that we mentioned earlier. But that’s not even the best part. The entire theme is geared towards you having a blast while trying to score a little pocket change too. Now isn’t that the most wonderful of all scenarios? Let’s take a closer look at this fun-filled holiday theme.

Easter Surprise Scratch Setup

The Easter Surprise Scratch off online casino games are played off of a three by three grid. The squares themselves are wonderfully decorated with stars and blue and purple shades. Your goal here is to get three of those happy-go-lucky rabbits in a row. This can be in any direction, whether it’s going up and down, right to left (or left to right), and even horizontally. The point is just to find the little critters at one time together. There are other icons that will appear as well. The multicoloured eggs, for example, are going to show up a lot during each round, so enjoy the festivities.

How to Play Easter Surprise Scratch

Just click a value to begin the fun. Remember that you can always switch values at any point if you feel like you are going to run out of bankroll or if you want to up the challenge of each round. That’s the beauty of playing a single round at a time; it’s highly customizable. Alternatively, the auto play function lets you play multiple rounds consecutively, and for some punters, it’s the only way to fly. You can choose a specific number of rounds, and then the fun is automatically rolling one round after the next.

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