Play Spamalot Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Scratch away at Spamalot Scratch where the winnings are big and the theme is quirky. Camelot with a fun Monty Python spin on it is what this version is all about, so in true Monty Python fashion, you’re sure to see some zany characters and silly symbols here.

Play Spamalot Scratch Online

Even if you’ve never seen the musical comedy by the same name, you’re most likely familiar with the story of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and Camelot. This is a twist on the classic tale with a ton of dry British humour injected into it. The perfect setting for one of the most enjoyable scratch card games online.

How To Play Spamalot Scratch

The aim here is to match up any of the six symbols on the grid to the symbol that is being held up on parchment by a mysterious hand. When you do get a match, you’ll win the amount that is shown on the parchment under the symbol. Each time you click play, you’ll get a new card and a new parchment symbol to match.

Remember to set your card price to the maximum amount, because this will determine your prize value. The more money you bet the bigger the payout!

The symbols that you’ll see on your grid are all from this Monty Python hit show so if you’ve seen the show, you’ll enjoy this wacky version even more!

More About Spamalot Scratch

As in most of these types of casino games online, you can kick back and relax by setting your playing to Auto Play mode. You can even decide how many rounds you want the Auto Play to run for, but you can stop the automation at any point too by clicking on the Stop button.

The Knights of the Round Table would have been in awe of scratching on a card to win prizes, but even more so at how you can do it through our casino online! Though the days of jousting and minstrels may be long gone, you can still enjoy medieval times when you play Spamalot Scratch.

This version is not just for those who are Monty Python fans, it’s also for those of us who enjoy a good bout of silliness now and then and who like to win big payouts! All in all a great combination that will guarantee you a fantastic time and a growing bankroll. Sign up to Mansion Casino Canada today, grab your welcome bonus and start scratching the night away with the knights of Spamalot Scratch.