Play Wild Viking Table Game Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Who doesn’t love roulette? Such a simple, yet exciting game with so much winning potential. And how about poker? A thrilling option that requires equal amounts of strategy, skill and luck (depending on who you ask). Now what if we told you that we’ve combined the two of them into an ultimate gaming option that will just blow your mind?? That’s what we thought. Come on down for a wild ride with Wild Viking, a fantastic choice from the selection of table games online available at Mansion Casino Canada.

Play Wild Viking Table Game Online

What Is Wild Viking?

So how exactly can Wild Viking be based on two completely different gambling options like roulette and poker? We’re happy to explain! For starters, it’s a card based game – sorry, no wheel and ball here. Then, the bets that can be placed are based on all of the same betting options that roulette has (specific numbers, odds/evens and red/black) with additional options of different suits per specific number selections and the choice of just hearts/diamond/spades/clubs. You also bet on poker hands as a second bet, with options like two pairs, flush, three of a kind and more.

The first important thing to note is that out of the five cards dealt, it’s only the last one that applies to the roulette bets from the lower section of the screen. And if you end up with a joker in that spot, the only bets that can still come out on top are the Wild Viking bet, Poker bets or Progressive bets (these last ones are only available in real money mode, and not in free play). There are a huge amount of winning opportunities here; all of which can be viewed on the detailed paytable. For example, with five of a kind you win as much as 1,000 times your bet and if you thought that was incredible – a Wild Viking Royal Flush will net you the entire jackpot!

Wild Viking And Other Great Games

This is just one of the many casino games online we have available for you at our online casino Canada and since it crosses more than one gaming genre, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. But if you’ve decided that you’re in the mood for straight up roulette or poker, or that you’d even rather make the switch over to slots or scratch cards; we’ve got whatever you want, or make that whatever you need – right here!