Play 10-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

If you liked the four line version of this game, then you’ll love 10-Line Jacks or Better from Mansion Casino Canada! In the original version, we gave you one line to play and that might have been exciting, but we figured we could do better; enter four lines. Then, we decided that bigger is better so we kicked it up a notch and now you have 10 chances to win in each round!

Play 10-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

What’s Special About 10-Line Jacks or Better

The board may be a bit daunting at first glance, but don’t go getting all nervous on us. We are sure that you’ll be racking up the cash in no time at all. That’s because the online casino game 10-Line Jacks or Better at our online casino plays just like its younger siblings. The object here is the same as you have already mastered in other versions, namely – build a hand that would beat a pair of 10’s. Obviously, the better the hand is, the higher your return will be. Instead of only having one or four lines to play you now have 10 chances per round to beat those 10’s! You can still control the worth of your coins and how many you will bet on each round and we are even throwing in the double and half double feature on winning hands. With those odds you’ll want to get straight into the game and you should feel comfortable going straight to the real play option.

Betting With 10-Line Jacks or Better

This game runs just like you would expect of a good hold ‘em type online video poker game. First, decide the worth of your coins and then go ahead and place as many as you would like on the line (up to five). The dealer then distributes five cards and you are given the option to hold or retain any and all of the cards dealt. Remember, since the goal is to get at least a pair of royals (any of them will do), you will want to hold on to any face cards you are dealt and any existing pairs. Any cards selected to be held will show up in their corresponding position on each of the 10 lines. Once you have selected the cards to hold, hit the deal button again and see how much you’ve won! When you play 10-Line Jacks or Better at Mansion Casino Canada, it’s just that easy!