Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

It’s no wonder that video poker online is so popular, there are so many different ways to play, and each version can have its own nuances that may change depending on the venue or even where the players hail from. While we may not be able to offer every single type of poker out there, we think we have a winner in 4-Line Jacks or Better from Mansion Casino Canada so come on in, pull up a chair and get your game on!

Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

How To Win In 4-Line Jacks or Better

4-Line Jacks or Better from Mansion Casino Canada is a ‘hold ‘em’ style option where the object is to collect any hand that would beat a pair of 10’s. You start by choosing the amount of your bet and then hitting the deal button; this will reveal your initial hand. Next, you choose which cards to hold based on building the best possible hand on the next draw. Luckily there are plenty of ways for you to achieve your goal and take home a nice bank roll; there is even a way for you to double your winnings almost every time you beat those 10’s. With the double or half double feature, you can increase your winnings by playing a quick round of beat the show card. You are shown a card and have to uncover the card that is the same or higher than the card revealed. You can continue to play until you lose, or until the winnings max out for the round.

4-Line Jacks or Better & Other Games

Now that you understand the basics you should try 4-Line Jacks or Better in practice mode in order to get the hang of things. Once you are feeling comfortable and have mastered the flow of the game, you will want to set up an account on our secure site and start playing with some real money (instead of continuing to play with our money – because then we keep the winnings). If you need a change of pace, don’t forget that our online casino is a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to online casino games. We have so many categories and options to choose from that you won’t want to step away for a minute. Whether you love the slots or card games, roulette or scratch cards, we have something for everyone, so come on in and stay a while; you’ll be glad that you did.