50 - Line Joker Poker Video Poker

Play 50–Line Joker Poker Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

50– Line Joker Poker is an exciting twist on the traditional single line online video poker games. Instead of playing one hand per round, you get the chance to play 50. The game starts out the same way single line Joker Poker does, similar to other multi-line video poker games like 25-Line Aces and Faces and 4-Line Deuces Wild that are also available at Mansion Casino Canada.

Play 50 - Line Joker Poker Video Poker Online

First off, you will have to place your bets and choose how many coins you want to wager. Once you’ve made your decision, you can click on the Deal button. Your screen will then be divided into two parts – the five cards which make up your hand will be displayed at the bottom as large cards, above these cards will be the other 49 cards, displayed in small rows.

Once the cards have been dealt, you can look at your primary hand and determine which of the cards you’d like to hold. If any already make up a winning hand, the computer will automatically hold onto them. After you’ve decided which cards to hold onto, you can select the Deal button once again to get your replacement cards. You hands will be dealt from 50 different decks. Your winnings will be based on all 50 hands.

Doubling Your Winnings

At Mansion Casino Canada, if you get a winning hand, you have a choice between collecting your money and trying to double it. If you decide to simply collect your money, you can click on the Collect button and your winnings will automatically be deposited in your casino account. However, if you decided to try and double your winnings, you should click on the Double button. The dealer will then draw a single card and place it face-up on the board. After this, the dealer will give you four face-down cards to choose from. If the card you choose beats the dealer’s, then your winnings will be doubled. There is another option which allows you to double half your winnings. This is called Double Half and works the same way as the Double option.

The Wild Card

One of the additional features of 50-Line Joker Poker offered at online casino that sets it apart from other video poker variants is the use of the Joker as the wild card. In this game, the Joker can take the place of any of the other cards to complete a winning combination. The presence of the Joker also allows for a hand of five of a kind. This is a normal hand of four of a kind plus the Joker. The game also differentiates between a natural royal flush and a royal flush with a Joker at the payout table.

We know what you're thinking “Fifty lines?! That's too much to handle in one game.” If you are overwhelmed by the possibilities that this video poker version has to offer, don't worry. Mansion Casino, the forerunner of online casino gaming, has a tremendous variety of casino games that you are going to love. If you want to take it slow, start out with a simple video poker game like standard Aces and Faces or Joker Poker. there are also more complex versions of these basic online casino games like the 25-Line Ace and Faces variety. This option is not as all-encompassing as the 50-Line Joker Poker online casino game, but it still has plenty of challenge in its punch. MansionCasino.com has plenty to give to any gamer looking for a challenge, regardless of budget, expertise and personality. So come check out all your options today, and find a new favourite to get hooked on now!