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Online Craps Casino Game

There are many things that come to mind when people discuss casinos and gambling. One the pictures many people see in their mind’s eye is the game of Craps. This may be one of the oldest games around with rich history & with versions going back to soldiers in the crusades rolling bones on the backs of their shield and even possibly with roots in the bible when they drew lots for various ceremonies and services. The early Arabic countries played a version that translated to ‘Hazard’ and from there it seems to have migrated to France where it may have picked up its more popular name. In France, it was very common for the game to be played in the streets and back alleys against either a wall or stoop. The players and spectators would crouch down to play and observe and the game was called ‘crapaud’ which is French for toad. When French traders settled in Louisiana, the name of the game was shortened by the locals and became craps, as we know it today.

Rules Of Online Craps

While craps is certainly not the simplest game in the online casino world, with a little reading and some practice you will get the hang of it quickly enough, at Mansion Casino you will find the whole information you need to know about this game. First, let’s take a look at the table and the method of play. The table itself is usually between 14 and 18 feet long, about four feet across and about two feet deep. This creates a large arena shaped area to keep the dice from falling off the playing surface and to help maximize the randomness of each roll with plenty of space for the dice to bounce. This is a game where one person at a time is designated to roll the dice and they are referred to as the shooter. All other players are betting on the various possible outcomes of the shooter’s roll of the dice. Craps also requires more employees around the table than any other casino games with four people working each table. One employee is called the ‘boxman’ and they are in charge of the general play at the table and are also responsible for settling any disputes, making sure the dealers pay out correctly and watching for anyone trying to cheat the game. On each side of the boxman there is a dealer whose job it is to calculate and pay out any winnings. Across the table from these three employees is the stickman who calls out the results of each roll, collects the dice with a long pole with an ‘L’ hook at the end and also books and confirms the bets on his side of the table.

The round starts when a shooter rolls the dice in their ‘come-out’ roll. The shooter must establish the Point by rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. At this time, winning your bet depends on the Shooter rolling the same number again before rolling any 7. Anyone who placed a ‘pass line’ bet wins if the shooter gets either a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll and they lose if the shooter gets a 2, 3 or 12 which are also known as rolling craps.

Online Craps Tips

With the basic rules of play under your belt we can now look at some tips and strategies to coming out ahead in this fast paced game. One of the reasons so many people gravitate towards craps is because of the very low house advantage which can be as low as 0.85-1.4% depending on the bet placed. The best way to take advantage of the low house advantage in craps is to fully understand the odds of each number coming out in a given roll. For example, the odds of a 7 coming up are six in 36 and the odds for 6 or 8 are five in 36. If you are looking for a 5 or 9, it's four in 36 and a 2 or 12 are one in 36. Many beginners start with the simpler bets like pass or don’t pass which are bets that the shooter either will or will not establish the point on their come-out roll. While the return on these bets may be more conservative, they get you into the game and allow you to observe the more complicated bets being placed so that you can learn as you go along. This is really just a sampling as we could go on and on for hours with rules of how to play and tips for winning or better bankroll management but the best suggestion we have is to start out in free play to really learn the game and all of its idiosyncrasies and then do what we offer the chance to do best – win!