Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best online casino, If your question is not answered here, please contact Member Services via email:

  •  1.How to get started
    Can I play at To play for with you must agree to the terms and conditions and be at least 18 years old and. can be access via the internet anywhere in the world, but this does not necessarily mean that you are allowed to gamble with us. Most countries have their own rules regarding online gaming and so you must make sure you're aware of any regulations and adhere to their rules. does not accept American players.
    How do I get started at Getting started is easy. Download our free software to get improved speed and stability. Then simply register, deposit and play!
    How do I download the software? You can download the free casino software by clicking here. The process is quick and simple and only required once. can then be accessed from the Start Menu and/or Desktop on your computer.
    How do I uninstall the online casino software? Instructions to remove software from your computer will vary slightly depending on your operating system. To uninstall the casino software on a Windows operating system, open the Start menu then click Control Panel. Choose Add or Remove Programs and find the program you want to uninstall. Select our casino software and click the Remove button.
    How do I make a deposit? Once you have successfully opened a Real Money account, log in using your username and password details. Select on the cashier tab, select your desired deposit method and the required amount.
    How do I make a withdrawal? Click here for our full withdrawal policy.
    What can I do if I lose my username and password? Use the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the MansionCasino login page to reset your password.
  •  2.Player protection and Security
    How can I be certain games are fair? Our industry standard Random Number Generator yields a payout percentage for all our games, making sure that you can be certain that our games meet industry standard fairness regulations.
    How can I be sure protects my privacy? makes sure that your details are 100% secure, 100% of the time. We use the best quality security measures including industry standard RSA encryption and a Firewall. Making payments online has never been safer.
    What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)? A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer programme which ensures the game results are produced randomly. It guarantees the outcome of each card deal and every dice roll is not unrealistically duplicated, cannot be predicted, and the results cannot be manipulated so you always get fair results.
  •  3.Game options and settings
    How do I change my game settings? Log in to the casino, and select 'Options'. You will find a range of choices which you can customise to improve and personalise your playing experience. These include visual, audio and game settings.
    Can I chat with other internet casino players? You can use chat once playing the games on either multiplayer or private group tables. Click on the Chat button, type your message and click again on the Chat button to send your message. Alternatively, pressing the Enter key will send your message also.
    I want to see my game history. Where can I find this information? You check your game history by going into the game you want to investigate. Go into the game, and click on the menu button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Then select "History" to get visibility on all your details.
    What is the difference between multiplayer and private group tables? A multiplayer table is the best option if you want to play our internet casino games alongside other members. A private group table enable you to play with specified people only, such as family or friends. To join a private group table, simply type in its name. If the table has not yet been created, create a new one so that your friends can join you. Just give them the name and they can join. Then you can enjoy playing and chatting using the internet casino chat facility.
  •  4.Our Games
    Where can I find the rules to your games? All our games rules can be found in the Help section of the Casino. The information will help you learn how to play the game and how the software functions. This feature can be used when playing the games, as well as from the lobby.
    How do I alter my bet amount if I've bet too much? You can only change your bet amount before you've played your move. If you roll the dice or deal the cards (depending on your game choice) – that bet is completed. However, if you see you want to correct your bet before you hit submit, you can right-click your mouse on your chips to remove them.

    In addition, there is a Clear Bet button in roulette which removes all your bets from the table. Slots and Video Poker have a Cash Out button which return your coins to your balance.
    How do I view all my past wagers? You can access details of all your past wagers in the Game History section. Go into the game you are interested in, and click on the menu button (bottom right hand corner of the screen). Select "History" to get visibility on all your wagering details.
    What can I do if my internet connection is cut off while playing? has an integrated mechanism which protects players from internet disconnections. If you are disconnected when playing, and cannot log back in, you will be logged out after a specific period of inactivity.

    If playing Blackjack, Video Poker or Craps when a disconnection occurs, you will return to the exact moment when the game was interrupted if you successfully log back in. If playing Slots and Roulette, you need to go to Game History to see the outcome of your game.
  •  5.Promotions and loyalty
    What is wagering? Wagering is when you bet money on our games. It is important as it affects most bonuses and promotions. It's simpler than it may sound.

    If you received a $10 bonus and the wagering requirement on that bonus is five times (x 5) the amount, then you must wager (bet) at least $50 before you can withdraw your winnings.
    What are Loyalty Points? How do I get them? has a unique Loyalty Points program that enables all Real Money players to earn points while they play. Once you've built up your points, they can be exchanged for cash. Click here to read further details.
    How can I receive free bonuses from The best way to receive bonuses from is to subscribe to our promotional emails and check your emails regularly. You can then enjoy a variety of weekend, mid week, and monthly special offers.
    What can I expect as a VIP? Some of the benefits you may be eligible for include; hospitality, invite only promotions, Match Deposit Bonuses, sporting events and the support and attention from our Casino VIP Manager. We guarantee you get the best possible service.
  •  6.Cashier
    How do I deposit? To deposit, you need to have a real money account. Go into the cashier section, select your preferred payment method and amount, following the simple steps. Once you've received confirmation, your money will be in your bankroll and you can play.
    What are my deposit options? We offer a variety of payment methods; these are visible in the cashier and in the website. To view all available deposit methods, click here.
    How do I withdraw my winnings? Click on Withdraw in the Cashier, select the preferred withdrawal method and the amount you wish to cash out. If you have any issues, use the Chat facility to receive assistance from our Customer Support team. For full details of our withdrawal policy and processing timeframes, please click here.
  •  7.Technical
    What do I need on my computer to be able to download software? The average download time is approximately 2 minutes with cable or ADSL connections, or 8 minutes with standard 56Kbs modem. The minimum system requirements for the software are: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95, P166MMX, 32MB RAM, 16-bit colour and 20MB free hard disk space. For the best possible results, set your monitor to high colour (16 bit) and 600x800 resolution.