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Classic blackjack is fun to play, but aside from hitting and getting new cards, there is no way to increase the odds of holding a winning hand. But what if you could change up your cards? What if you were dealt not one, but two hands, where you could interchange cards in hopes of creating better, stronger hands? Well then, you would have Blackjack Switch!

All About Blackjack Switch

What if you had the opportunity to swap your cards out to make the best possible hand? And what if they were your cards and your cards alone, unlike 21 Duel Blackjack where there are community cards that everyone at the table, including the dealer can use? Well, then you would have Blackjack Switch!

In regards to the value of cards, bets, and buzzwords, Blackjack Switch plays out exactly like the classic version. The twist comes in here – rather than only being dealt one hand of cards, you are actually dealt two. Before you hit, you have a distinctive opportunity to change out your top cards. Let’s say one hand has a 5 face-up and a 10 face-down, while another hand has a 9 face-up and a 5 face-down. Now a 15 and a 14 are not very exciting. But you can actually change the 9 and the 5, so you would have hands consisting of 10 and 19, which are so much more promising in terms of winning odds. And you are not required to change up your hands if you do not want to. If your two hands are good as they sit, then keep them as is.

Keep this in mind when playing. If you do change your cards and get to 21, the payout is only 1:1; this is different from the traditional 3:2 payout you would receive if you get to 21 without changing up the cards. And here is another bit of information while playing, unlike the traditional version, dealers do not bust when holding 22. It is deemed a push against all your hands, excluding any that get to 21.

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