Play European Blackjack Online at MansionCasino Ireland

Of all the casino games that we host, the 21-card variations seem to be the most popular, and with good reason. Who doesn’t love a good challenge, and that is just what betting sports like European Blackjack have to offer. So if you are in the mood for a proper gambling sport, then log into our online casino, and see if you are up to the task!

Alternatives To European Blackjack

European Blackjack is just another slice of the usual blackjack pie that you have been enjoying all along. If you are looking for a slightly different spin when it comes to splitting, then check it out! Not sure about this whole European Blackjack thing? There are loads of variations that you can enjoy right here. Let’s go through some of them to give you an idea of all the fun you could be having. Then you can jump into the fray, and experience the magic of it all for yourself!

  • Blackjack Surrender is possibly every punter’s dream come alive! That is because there is no one gambler out there who hasn’t been stuck in a situation that this option alleviates at least once in their betting careers. What’s it all about? Well, the idea is that if you are dealt a lousy hand, one of those hands that you look at and have to bite the inside of your lower lip just to keep yourself from swearing, cringing or giving yourself away entirely with some other gesture, you have a way out. You can fold your hand before you have even started the round. The consequence? You lose half of your wager, but the good news is that you also get to KEEP half your wager. That’s a pretty good bet considering you would usually lose it all! This little caveat is what makes this version so popular.
  • Lucky Blackjack is another great option. As the name implies, this version is all about good fortune. You have to guess a card, and that has nothing to do with strategy or planning, just providence!
  • Blackjack Switch online is an exciting variant that allows you to swap out two of your cards. Here is how it works.

Playing European Blackjack For Real

How would you like to play Blackjack online for money? We have the features, bonuses and accounts to make that wish come true! So head over to Mansion Casino Ireland now, to enjoy some European Blackjack and all the hard core cash winnings that come along with it!