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When you play blackjack, are you sometimes able to guess what the dealer is sitting on? What if there was a way for you to bet on the dealer instead of against the dealer? In the classic version, you are hoping to beat the dealer. But what if there was a version that has you placing bets on what the dealer has in their cards? If you have decent skills at guessing and think you know what the dealer is holding, then you definitely need to check out Lucky Blackjack!

All About Lucky Blackjack

Whereas most versions of this classic have you betting against the dealer, Lucky Blackjack has you betting on the dealer and what hand they will have. The card values are all the same; however, instead on betting on what you are holding in your hand, you are betting on the hand you believe the dealer can make. This is where knowing the odds of making certain hands based on one card face-up will work in your favour!

At the start of the hand, you are given seven possible choices to bet on, the first five are possible card sums the dealer will make, 17-21, the other two are straight BJ (ace and 10/face card), or bust. You are betting on what the dealer will be dealing himself. After you place your bet, the dealer receives two cards much like the classic version – one you can see and one you cannot. When the card facing down is flipped over, then things get interesting. If the sum is 16 or lower, the dealer must continue dealing out cards until at least a hard 17 is reached. If the cards equal 17 right at the flip over, the dealer must stand. If you guess what the dealer gets, you win!

It is essential to know the payouts for the different hands as they are different than the classic version:

  • 17 – 5:1 payout
  • 18 and 19 – 6:1 payout
  • 20 – 4:1 payout
  • 21 – 19:1 payout
  • Bust – 2:1 payout

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Come on and take a chance with Lucky Blackjack at our popular online casino destination! And while you are visiting, be sure to check out some of our other casino games based on classic 21, including Blackjack Surrender and Progressive Blackjack. If you know how to play the classic version, then all you have to do is read up on the little nuances that make these versions different and you are good to go! We are your number one stop for all your favourite gambling pastimes!