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Across the pond, gamblers like to do it different when it comes to classic casino games. Take a look at Roulette, for example, there is the European version and the American version. Obviously, we all like to maintain a modicum of difference. Well, the same can be said for the very popular, widely played Blackjack! While the Americans have their own version of enjoyment, the Brits created their own adaptation. And this twist on the classic is known as Pontoon!

Let’s Play Pontoon

While both options leave the player trying to make it to 21, that is essentially where the similarities end and the difference in playing begins. The name, Pontoon, is actually the player who has been dealt the highest initial hand. They get to play the role of the banker during the next deal. Another difference? Well, to up the ante, and the pot, players need to buy additional cards if they would like to hit on their current hand. If you pay, your card is provided to you face down. Also, while the classic version allows you to only split pairs one time and one time only, this version allows you to split pairs twice. This means, by the end of it, you could be playing four hands. That is four chances to win if you are counting correctly!

However, this may keep you a bit on your toes. In the classic version, you are able to see one of the dealer’s cards. This makes the choice to hit or stand a lot easier. However, with Pontoon, you do not see any of the dealer’s cards until it is their turn, which is after every other player at the table has gone. A little scary, right? But it also makes it a lot more thrilling because you never know what is going to happen. Because of this, playing this version gives out a payout of 2:1, while the classic version only provides a payout of 1.5:1. So you get a little extra bang for your buck, but not too much! The house still needs to keep some kind of edge.

Enjoy Pontoon at Mansion Casino Ireland

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