Play 25-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at MansionCasino Ireland

Let’s go to the online casino and see what’s new and hot! Have you graduated from single hand video poker machines and are ready for the top level? 25-Line Aces and Faces is available and ready to be played. Top players agree that there are few challenges which compare to this exciting opportunity.

There are other varieties available with multiple hands, but four or five hands can be grasped with great ease by a player of any level. The sharp player however rapidly moves through these small multi-hand versions and is looking for something which truly tests his skill level. What he sees right away when he plays 25-Line Aces and Faces is an opportunity to use his best skills and strategy building scenarios.

“Practice makes perfect”, is a well know adage and it applies in virtually every discipline including cards. When you download the playing software, you can have as much practice as you like because it comes with a useful practice feature. This feature allows you to play practice hands which are identical to the actual game without using any real money. So there is no need to deposit into your bankroll until you feel confident and prepared. Certainty is the backbone of success.

25-Line Aces and Faces at Ireland

The payout system varies here, just as it does in every variety. With the payout beginning at a pair of Jacks, followed by Queens and Kings you are offered something you will not find in many place. But remember, those are the two of a kind which pay out, nothing lower than Jacks. It’s easy to remember if you look at the name.

25-Line Aces and Faces also offers the special “Doubles” feature. The “Doubles” option provides a player with the chance to double his winning after playing a round. So if a player just won on ten of the hands he was dealt in one round he can double his jackpot on all of them at once. Now that’s really a win-win situation, times ten!

The royals line up when you play 25-Line Aces and Faces

When playing a casino games it is advisable to take time to understand the instructions before you start playing. Fortunately the playing software is user friendly and totally comprehensive. Everything you need to know is readily explained. And if for any reason you have a question, you can happily contact the customer service department.

Deuces Wild is another fabulous version, that you absolutely must try and if you love it then you will love Megajacks too. These two fun card playing options are full of big prizes and generous jackpots. But if you want to win you will need to play, so download the software today.