Play Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at MansionCasino Ireland

Video poker lovers, stop where you are, something new has come to town. Are you ready for a little more pep in your play? Are you looking for some new card combinations? Then you are ready to play Aces and Faces. It’s new, it’s different and it’s ready for you.

An encouraging payout schedule will entice you to give it a try, since this version of the old classic has more possible wining jackpot hands than many other varieties. Like the name suggests this version is all about the Aces and Faces and even pays out two of a kind Jack, Queens, Kings and Aces.

Aces and Faces at Mansion Casino

One of the elements which makes Aces and Faces all the more interesting than traditional playing is the hierarchy of winning hands. Four of a kind is one of the more important hands, with two type; twos through tens or Jacks, Queens, and Kings. The payout on each is different so be mindful to examine the schedule when you start playing. Creating your new strategy and deciding which cards to play and which to discard is relevant to the hand ranking and jackpots.

A great “Doubles” bonus is also option offered and enjoyed by tons of players. With the bonus feature a winning a hand is offered a chance to double its money. When the player accepts this bonus the computer displays a row of five cards facing downward, and then the computer turns over the one to the far left. The player then chooses one as well and if it is higher than the computer’s card the players win is double. Online casinos are really beginning to understand the benefit of these special features.

The bottom line is this, in order to partake in the fun you’ll need to download the free software and start playing today. The step by step instructions are simple to follow and the download will be complete in minutes.

Jack, Queens, and Kings are the winners with Aces and Faces

When you master Aces and Faces and feel you are ready to boost your playing skills, you will be ready to play 25-Line Aces and Faces, a first-class challenge for any player. It’s fun, it’s bold and it’s grand!

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