Play All American Video Poker Online at MansionCasino Ireland

All American is the red, white and blue video poker with a USA theme. Images of The Statue of Liberty, The US Constitution, and The Stars and Stripes fill the screen to let you know you are playing a machine with big potential, much like the dreams of the huddled masses that crossed the seas to find their fortunes in a new land.

The special features, which set All American apart from other similar machines, are easy to recognize immediately. Primarily, this machine is played with only 52 cards. Often more than one digital card deck is used while playing a virtual game, even four or five at a time. And 52 card means, unlike many other comparable machines offered at other online casinos, there are no wild cards in the playing. This one is pretty much a standard and straight forward version of the old classic.

All American at Mansion Casino Ireland

While it is related to other similar digital card pastimes, All American differs from varieties. Joker Poker for instance is another awesome playing possibility yet it has a cheeky little wild card. These two variations are played in the same fashion, for the most part, although the hierarchy of the hands and the payout scale might differ slightly. One bet which is a sure thing however is that players who enjoy the first most definitely will enjoy the latter.

All American’s “doubles” feature is one of the most preferred playing options. This high card draw scenario is a special feature bonus, an opportunity to increase your jackpot. The doubles feature offers a player a chance to double their winnings after they have won a hand. Accepting the offer means the computer draws a card from a row of five cards and then the player will draw a card. Since this is high card draw, the higher card wins.

Play the red, white and blue All American

Of course, it is always a good idea with any casino game to thoroughly read and understand the rules of play, especially with so many fun varieties and the slight differences between them. Understanding the distinctions between the variations will help you create and expand the strategic tools required for winning. Although they may appear comparable, the hand rankings, payouts and jackpots are not identical as you move from variation to variation. Once downloaded the easy to use software provides complete access all the information, rules and instructions. It is always convenient and user friendly. And don’t forget you can absolutely play as many practice hands as you wish before depositing a real money bankroll.

If this version has been a blast then you will absolutely love Aces and Faces, yet another exceptional variation of everyone’s favorite, but with a very special hand ranking. Having one special version to play is great, but having many unique and inviting options keeps an old classic friend feeling fresh and new.