Play Live Baccarat Online at Mansion Casino UK

You must have felt the thrill to see James Bond sliding into his seat at the baccarat table and outwitting the competition. You could not experience the same thrill playing online baccarat. Now, Mansion Casino invites you to savour the real experience at its live game tables such as live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat.

Play Live Baccarat Online

No more playing against a faceless dealer with a voice coming out from nowhere. At our live casino you will “sit” across from a live dealer who will conduct the game before your eyes. Why settle for simulated card dealing when you can get the real thing without leaving your computer? Even if you are not familiar with live baccarat it is no cause for worry. The live dealers will take you step by step through the game and soon you will be wagering like a pro, like James Bond.

How Live Baccarat Works

Mansion Casino operates live casinos where real action takes place. Nothing is computer generated. The live baccarat tables are equipped with video cameras that continuously record the play. When you select one of the baccarat tables the videos get streamed to your computer over the Internet and you become a part of the action. The live dealer will ask you to place your bets and after all players have done so, will deal the Player’s and the Banker’s cards. And when the hand is decided the live dealer will settle all the bets. While playing live baccarat you will be able to experience all this as if you are sitting at the table.

Sign Up for Live Baccarat Now

In order to play live baccarat at our online casino UK you will have to download the free software and open a real money account. Then you can log in any time you want, access the live dealer games from the menu in the lobby and select the desired baccarat table. It is as simple as that. The Mansion Casino live casino also offers other casino games online such as live roulette, live blackjack and live Hold’em.