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Everyone is talking about the most recent progress at New Zealand, the number one rated online casino in town! What’s all the commotion? Our live casino has been launched, and it is making waves all across the community! Are you wondering why you would choose our platform over one of the other options available on the web today? Well here are just three reasons why you want to get on board with the greatest gaming platform yet!

Variety: Playing your favourite online casino game is great, but if it’s the only thing that is going to fill your calendar for the next stretch of time, you might start to get bored of it. Even the most interactive experience loses its fervor after constant repetition, and the live casino action is no different. That’s where our variety comes in. We have the widest selection of online access live casino games anywhere around! Currently, we are hosting Live Baccarat tables, along with Live Blackjack and the ever-popular Live Casino Hold’em. We also have plenty of Live Roulette wheels spinning constantly!

Bonuses: Along with a stellar lineup, we have an amazing series of bonuses and prizes that we are constantly giving to our loyal crew. From big bags of cash that goes straight into your bank account to enormous giveaways like an all-expenses paid trip to some sunny local, our fans never seem to get tired of the sensational prizes that come around here.

Service: Have you ever tried playing an online casino game that is hosted on a B-rate server? Well, you would know the difference instantly because the quality is as low as you can go. The graphics are substandard, the load time is interminable, and the resolution is choppy and grating. Compare that to the superior quality service that you receive from New Zealand, and there is really no discussion! We offer top of the line graphics and sounds, unbeatable customer service and a first-rate platform that hosts all of our games.

Live Casino, Play Today!

So you see, there are plenty of other online casino sites that you could choose to join. But with the differences so glaring, why would you bother? Get on board the greatest experience that online gaming has ever had today!

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