Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Who ever said Easter is just for kids obviously never played Easter Surprise Scratch or the matching slots game by the same name. Why should the kids have all the fun and surprises when you can too!

Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online

Go on your very own online casino games treasure hunt right here, right now and unwrap some really exciting rewards. Every day is a festive day at Mansion Casino online casino so come see what the bunny has in store for you.

More About Easter Surprise Scratch

It’s all about having fun and winning prizes with Easter Surprise Scratch. The theme is colourful and festive, and has all the traditional Easter paraphernalia on the cards for you. When I think about this happy season, colourfully painted eggs, beautifully wrapped gifts and, of course, the grinning bunny all come to mind. This is exactly what you can expect from this online scratch card game too. But the bunny is the one who will pay you out. If you get 3 of this bunny diagonally, across a row or down a column, you’ll win a prize. The bunny has his usual toothy grin on his face and is holding a very tempting gift. When you land 3 of a kind of the bunny, you’ll win whichever payout is at the top of the card area and the bunnies on the cards will become animated.

To play, you’ll need to firstly set your card value. Remember that the more you bet, the more you can win. Then you’ll either choose Play or AutoPlay. If you go with Play, you’ll either get to rub away each of the nine blocks yourself, or you can select ‘Scratch All’ for the system to do all the hard work for you. Some players still prefer the good old fashioned way of scratching the area themselves, but either way leads to the same results.

If you go with AutoPlay, you can set this feature to run for 10 to 50 rounds, but you can stop it at any point in between. Easter Surprise Scratch also has the shuffle feature that is very popular, because it gives players the chance to have say over the cards they are given.

Easter Surprise Scratch And Slots

Because this theme is such a hit, there is a special button on your screen that you can click on to take you to the slots version of the game. This way, if you’re loving the gifts that the bunny is showering you with but need a break from the scratch cards, then switch on over to the slots game for some more bunny generosity. Play Easter Surprise Scratch and see what goodies are in the basket just for you.