Play Ghost Rider Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Have no fear because Johnny Blaze is here to protect you from all the ghosts of the underworld. Ok, not really but he is on your computer screen and can help you to hit the jackpot! Ghost Rider Scratch is based on the spookiest Marvel superhero by far, but he is one of the good guys so even though he looks like a fright he’s on your side.

Play Ghost Rider Scratch Online

About Ghost Rider Scratch

Your aim in Ghost Rider Scratch is to match 3 symbols in a row or column. There are 7 symbols in the paytable that you’ll be aiming for. The biggest payer is Johnny Blaze of course, and he will pay you out 5,000 times your bet. As frightening as Johnny’s face may be when it’s on fire, it will set your bankroll on fire too so look out for 3 of him.

The other symbols are all from the hit Marvel movie too and will pay you out varying amounts depending on the symbol.

Like all Marvel casino games online, Ghost Rider casino Scratch is packed with incredible graphics and sound effects as well as breath-taking special effects. You’ll almost feel like you’re sitting in a movie theatre!

How To Play Ghost Rider Scratch

Playing online scratch card games at our online casino is way easier than hunting down evil spirits from the underworld. All you need to do is set your card value by clicking on plus or minus, then choose Play. This will activate a card for you and you’ll see areas to scratch. Rub away on these spots either manually or by clicking on the ‘Scratch All’ button which will get it all done in one go. Talk about efficiency that only a superhero could have!

You can even take this one step further and play the whole game in AutoPlay mode, where you literally don’t have to lift a finger. Johnny Blaze doesn’t get anyone to do all the hard work for him, he does it himself! But this is a useful feature to have if you need to take a break to take out the trash (meaning the literal trash and not the trash of the underworld).

However you choose to play, the result is the same – the chance to win loads of cash with a fun and exciting theme. You don’t even need a haunted motorcycle or fiery whip, and unlike Johnny Blaze, you definitely don’t need to sell your soul to play this fantastic game!