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Watching the Thor movie (either Thor or The Dark World) is one of the best things you could do with your weekend. The film itself was phenomenal, filled with fabulous acting, a great storyline and even a dash of good wit to carry it through. Once you’ve seen the films, though, you’re going to want to get as much of the action as possible, and whenever you can. That’s where our Thor Scratch cards will come in handy. Familiar with the premise, characters and drama, you will really appreciate the constant reminders that are found in this great casino online game. Come inside, and see what we mean!

Play Thor Scratch Online

Thor Scratch Icons

Even at the opening screen, you’ll recognize so many references to the movie. The screen setting is either the arid desert locale of Thor’s ladylove, Jane Foster, or the frigid ice terrains occupied by the Ice Giants. There is also the majestic Rainbow Bridge backing the Orb bonus round, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Flanking the playing field on either side are the characters you certainly remember from the film. These will act as the game pieces during each round. So you have Thor’s devoted friends, his not so friendly brother, Loki, Heimdall, the gate keeper, Odin, his aged but resilient father and king, the hero of the show, and his trusty and magical hammer. As you can see, each icon has a different face value, and you can be rewarded according to the amount displayed if you match up three of these pictures.

Thor Scratch Special Functions

When you play Thor Scratch cards game, you should take advantage of the extra functionality that makes playing these scratch card games online so much more enjoyable. The 'scratch all' button will save your fingers from wearing down before the night is over. The auto play mode, though, is definitely the ultimate in laziness! Set your wager amount, and then decide how many games you want to computer to shuffle through. Then just press auto play, and you can watch as the cards are played out before your eyes.

Now we mentioned the Orb bonus round, so let’s clarify that for a moment. Whenever you get a magical golden glowing orb on the board, you will be transported to this bonus round. Here you can choose from six golden orbs. Underneath each one is a prize value, and you can keep whatever you find! This happens fairly frequently, so enjoy playing our exciting online casino games today!