Play 8 Ball Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Who doesn’t like a good game of billiards? Shooting pool with friends is a great pastime. But you can’t always get to a local pool hall to play a little billiards. Fortunately for you and other pool fans, what you can do is boot up your computer, log into Mansion Casino in South Africa and play 8 Ball Slots, a classic slots single line video machine that is sure to provide a good time for all. All the pool orbs are represented – one through 15, including the ever important eight spot. And just like there is an importance placed on this one in a game of pool, in 8 Ball Slots it is the highest paying winning combination!

Call the Shots with 8 Ball Slots

Before you can even spin the reels to show a winning combination, you need to first select the coin value you want to bet. Remember, the larger your initial bet, the more money you will win when you get a winning combination across the reels. That is just how it goes. Once you have your coin size, the next thing is to decide if you want to “Bet One,” which is one coin, or “Bet Max,” which is two coins. Keep in mind, the more coins you bet, the larger the payout.

Once the reels start spinning, it is time to pray to Lady Luck or anyone else you want to in order to get a winning combination along the single payline! And then once you do get a winning combination, make sure you have a good little “I won” dance ready! All the video machine enthusiasts have one!

Do you love old school video machines you find in all the major gambling establishments, especially Las Vegas? Then you will definitely like 8 Ball Slots. The only difference is that rather than waiting for a machine to open up, all you need is a computer and a connection to enjoy this video machine! Play from home or play from work, whatever you want and wherever you want! Whenever you have a spare minute, spin the reels, you never know what will happen!

8 Ball Slots and Other Great Classic Slots at Mansion Casino South Africa

If you are looking for a no-nonsense video slot that offers up single paylines and direct payouts without bonuses, scatter or wild symbols, 8 Ball Slots is the best possible choice for you! With more than 15 various winning combinations and the fact that there is not a lot of space between the symbols, means the odds of you making a winning combination is great!

Not looking to bet any money right now? That is okay; you can enjoy these video slots and others without having to put down money. Free slots online are popular among players looking to learn the ropes of a new video machine and if they like the video machine or not. You aren’t going to put actual money down on a video machine you do not like! At any time you want to, you can make the switch over to a real money account!

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