American Roulette Rules

American roulette rules apply to another kind of whirling dervish that has taken the idea of defiance to a new level. As you know from previously being taught, the standard online roulette games supplies the gamer with a board that has the numbers zero through thirty six printed on it, and these are the digits that make up your betting potentials. With this red, white and blue variant, things get a little wackier. Instead of thirty seven slots, USA-style has thirty eight pockets. Where did that extra position come from? The double zero, of course, and if you don’t know what that’s about, be afraid, be very afraid! Keep reading to find out what is with this mystery slot and what you can do about it…if you dare!

American Roulette Rules Explained

According to American roulette rules, this double zero is there to steal away some of your likelihood for bagging a win. Why would anyone want that, you ask? Well, most players would shy away from this variety, if truth be told. Who is this for version for then? Only the boldest players out there, that’s who! The ones who run towards the big commotion when the rest of the crowd is running away; the ones who throw a whole red hot chili pepper into their mouths just for the fun of it; the ones who have to win big or it’s not worth playing at all! Those players crave this version, and they partake in the richness of the offer frequently and whole-heartedly! The have their own American roulette strategy, and they love the increased challenge that comes with it.

Need a refresher in the basics? Here’s a blow by blow:

  • Get your own casino account. C’mon it doesn’t cost a thing and gives you loads of benefits that you can enjoy every single day! It’s a win-win situation, and isn’t that why you are at a casino in the first place?
  • Ok, no sign in and choose the version that we are discussing right now.
  • Ready to place some bets? Remember that the odds are going to come out differently in this version, so plan accordingly as we said earlier.
  • Now that you have the important stuff down, you can jive with it. Where is that bouncing ball going to land? On your bet? Across the pond? Nobody knows, so spin to find out now!

American Roulette Rules & Tips

There are no new American roulette tips to help you out, but you can use all the standard ones in this style too. Of course, the smartest trick you can implement is to take advantage of our free download. By using the complimentary mode, you can practice, practice, practice, and really get supremely better at this variant. That way, when you opt into a real money round, you already have all the experience you need to wipe the floor with our computerized-system and, of course, win that big fat jackpot we all want to score.

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