Play Bonus Bears Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

We know what you are thinking: Bonus Bears? Come on. That sounds more like a kids’ TV show than an option for real life gambling excitement. When you look at the playing screen, your argument is only strengthened by the cartoonish characters, the adorable features and the bumbling friends that accompany this version. All seems like a rather childish attempt at entertainment. That is, of course, until you look a little closer at the betting options and pay charts. Once you realize the freebies that are awarded, the prizes that are given away and the killer earnings that are made possible by a round or two of these online slots, your whole amateur argument kind of falls apart! So let’s dive into this deceptive and thoroughly exciting variety from our terrific gambling arena!

Bonus Bears Prizes

Bonus Bears is a twenty-five payline version with five reels constantly active. There are loads of prizes waiting for you, like we mentioned earlier, and all you have to do is get the right combination of icons. Do you know which pictures to be on the look out for? In case you aren’t one hundred percent sure, here is a break down of what you want. There is also a clearly spelled out pay chart available off of this playing screen, so pull that up for your convenience. Now let’s get started on this quick tutorial so you can have fun racking up the points with these Bonus Bears! Of course the not so cuddly bedtime pal would be the wild symbol for this version, and rightly so. You can access the complimentary round feature when these characters appear on reels two, three and four simultaneously.

There is also something called a honey feature. This is activated when you get a trio of beehive icons. Unlike the more difficult wild cards, the honey beehive feature will spring to action when there are three of these symbols anywhere on the screen (they don’t have to be in specific rows or locations). The beehive is known as the scatter symbol for this reason. Don’t think we are finished yet, though. Our top of the charts remote access casino in South Africa has more up our sleeves, so stay tuned!

What else can you expect from Bonus Bears? Lots more giveaways, that’s for sure! Find the frisky forest ranger a few times on your screen, and you’ll be multiplying your way to a massive jackpot! There are also a few pesky critters that want to crash the party. Bees, picnic baskets and rodents will also score you points, so don’t go swatting them away just yet!

Beyond Bonus Bears

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