Play Captain’s Treasure Pro Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

We are all looking for that windfall that will make all of our problems disappear. If only we could find the buried chest that will solve everything. Well, we can’t clear your slate for you, but we can help you hit pay dirt in these free casino slots games called Captain’s Treasure Pro! You will be joining the dirtiest group of scoundrels on their quest for that telltale chest that will change the course of your life forever!

Captain’s Treasure Pro – The Sequel

Captain’s Treasure Pro is a five reel, twenty payline machine with lots of excitement woven into the very fabric of the reels! Anchors, steering wheel, aces, jacks, queens, kings, nines, tens, maps and talking parrots will keep these rounds interesting regardless of the outcomes! This is actually the second in a series of Playtech varieties featuring the pirate crew lead by Blackbeard the blood-thirsty. The original version was good, and this upgraded sequel is just as good if not better than the first! Take a look at some of the details that have been added to this new edition, and see if you can stand up to the challenge of an even more exciting adventure at sea!

Captain’s Treasure Pro Bonuses

In addition to better graphics, more daring sound effects and a cleaner all around production, Captain’s Treasure Pro has some new features from the original version that was featured on our casino in South Africa. We can’t guarantee a win every time, but we can be pretty certain that these additional elements are ones that our members are going to set sail straight for! The head of the ship, and the most heinous of all the pirates yet, Blackbeard, of course, is the wild symbol. This low down, dastardly cutthroat has to appear three times on the second, third or fourth reels to double your winnings.

A glowing sealed chest is actually a very useful symbol to fall upon in Captain’s Treasure Pro. There are several handy tricks it knows, and we’ll show you them now. The first is the most obvious, a wild symbol that can be used to fill in the gaps in an almost perfect winning combination. If you get three of these symbols, then you’ll enter the bonus round for complimentary spins that you are sure to enjoy! But that’s not all. Once you have entered this bonus round, a mystery scatter symbol will be revealed. You will use this new icon during the bonus rounds to rack up huge points. That’s the second fun and impressive role scatters play in these slots online. Lastly, you can set these guys up to multiply your earnings by huge numbers anywhere from two to twenty to two hundred! That is a whopper of a win!

So whether you enjoyed the first round and are ready to turn up the action with this sequel or you have not yet had the displeasure of making Blackbeard’s acquaintance, you are going to have a blast (cannon that is) with this brilliant new addition to our already stellar collection of machines. Try them all now and win!

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