Play Chinese Kitchen Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Maybe you will turn up a delightful turtle dish or a squid with a squishy surprise! Maybe the snails are more your style or you’ll go in for that crab special. Whatever unusual delicacies turn your fancy, the Chinese Kitchen is serving it up, and in a colorful and inviting manner! Why? Because winning big cash is always inviting regardless of the wrappings! So get over to our top of the charts casino in South Africa this instant so you can start scarfing down some serious machine action now!

Chinese Kitchen Play

Chinese Kitchen is a multi-line variety. This means there are several pay lines instead of the traditional single line that some people are familiar with. Multi-line versions are popular because they present new and exhilarating possibilities that include so many combinations it’s really hard to count! We’ll talk about how to play below and let you in on some of the symbols and systems you should be aware of if you want to get really good at these online slots. Here we go!

So here is a scenario. You bet the max, and press spin. The board fills up with all sorts of interesting characters and even a few that look promising. You look over to the win section and see that you haven’t won a thing. Why not? Well, if you are familiar with the pay chart and there are definitely payable symbols on the board, then the likelihood is you have forgotten to turn on your pay lines! This is the most important step because you can’t win without them! So let’s start there. In Chinese Kitchen, you can open up any number of various pay lines for use during a given round. You simply click on the number and a line will appear. It’s simple, so go ahead and try it now. Once the lines are open, you are ready to go. But this is a vital step to the whole process, so please don’t forget it!

Betting on Chinese Kitchen

You can now proceed to the bet step. This means, you are able to choose how much money you want to spend on the round. An important detail to bear in mind is that you are working with multiple pay lines. This means that however much you were planning on betting for one line will now be multiplied for the number of lines open. So if you want to spend one unit on your single pay line, then you open up five pay lines, the overall wager for that round will be five units (one per open pay line). It’s a simple system that doesn’t require heavy math skills, but the system makes the calculations for you nonetheless, so don’t sweat it if you are nervous about adding wrong!

Once that’s all taken care of, you can spin away and see what fortune has in store for you next! If you like this one, you are going to love all the other free slot games hosted right here on our phenomenal platform. Try them all, and find a favorite to settle into today!

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