Play Deal or No Deal International Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Have you ever watched Deal Or No Deal International on the tele, and just wanted to scream as you saw the bloke choose the wrong case to open? With each case that is removed, the tension builds, and you are nearly ripping your hair out to find out was this the best choice or not. Well, now we’ve packaged all that nail-biting, hand wringing nervous tension into a fun-filled and entertaining online casino gaming experience! Play our version of Deal Or No Deal International, and see if you can make the right deal at the right time or not today.

Play Deal or No Deal International Now!

Playing Deal Or No Deal International casino game is even more exciting than watching the television show because it actually gives you the potential to win the money, and not just watch somebody else have all the fun.

How to Play Deal or No Deal International

  • You start out with 26 briefcases standing before you, all ablaze with shining lights brightly beaming behind them. As the colours change, the anticipation builds, and the fun keeps coming. The amounts that are contained within the cases are displayed along the left and right sides of the screen.
  • You begin playing by choosing an amount that you want to spend. This is very similar to selecting a scratch card amount or the bet value for a line of slots. Here you are simply choosing how much you want to wager for the round. In return, you will notice, the amounts that can be won will also be calculated. If you increase your wager, the prize values will also increase; a decreased wager results in decreased prize values as well.
  • Now that you know how much you are playing for, you can start the ball rolling by choosing a case. This is your case for the remainder of the game.
  • You’ll then be asked to select six cases. These six will be removed one by one, and the value that is contained within will also disappear from the screen.
  • After picking six cases, an offer will be made. Should you accept or hold out for more? That is the crux of the game, and it is your job to make the right choice!
  • If you decide that it is not a deal, you can choose more cases. The process is repeated until you have only one case left to choose. Then the banker will make one last offer. At last, your case is opened to reveal the prize amount!

Deal Or No Deal International is one thrilling step after another, so have a blast!

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