Play Dr. Lovemore Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

The song says “Everybody wants somebody to love”, and that’s what Dr. Lovemore is selling! He has a surefire love potion that he is willing to give you (for a price) to make that fantasy become a bona-fide reality. Well, at least he can give you a thicker wallet so you can woo your beloved in a fitting manner. Who knows, maybe today will be your lucky day! Take a look at these online slots, and set the tone for romance!

About Dr. Lovemore Online Slots

Dr. Lovemore is a five realer with twenty paylines that you can use. What are some of the symbols that you are looking at? Well, there is a complete breakdown on the pay chart provided on the playing screen, but here are some of the brightly colored images that will be flashing across your line of vision throughout the rounds. You’ll be seeing the female and male symbols interlocked in blissful harmony, some of the good bubbly stuff for toasting your good fortune, a large bouquet of roses and a variety of fruits that smacks of the original machines down in the South. Line up oranges, strawberries, cherries, kiwis and bananas for a fruit salad that can be better than gold!

Dr. Lovemore wants to see you succeed in your attempts to serenade your true love, so he is giving you all the help he can. These free slots games come with wild symbols, scatters and even bonus rounds. Get these icons to really spice things up: the wild symbol is a license plate (go figure!) There is also a scatter symbol for Dr. Lovemore, which is the charismatic moustache-toting Casanova himself. Depending on how many times this icon appears, you can win up to two hundred and fifty times your wager amount! Don’t forget the bonus symbol that lands you a cool twenty spins for nothing! Look for the comical pants symbol to unlock this feature!

Dr. Lovemore Dollar Ball Feature

Just when you thought is was as thrilling as it could get, there is an even more exciting feature to help you score. Dollar ball machines have a lotto type element that gives players the chance to increase their earnings without doing a thing! You will be asked to choose numbers before the round starts. Once you have done so, and the reels are in motion, random numbers will pop onto the screen. If one of your chosen numbers bounces by in one of these floating digits, then you win! It’s another layer of fun to look forward to. Dollar ball features need to be activated through a real money account. Do you have an account with the best casino in South Africa yet? If not, it is high time you did! Signing up takes no commitment, no financial obligation and no effort, so just do it already! Then you will have access to a wider variety of machines, a greater array of bonuses and prizes and more action than you’ll ever be able to handle in one sitting. Get in here now, and see how much fun you have been missing!

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