Play Geisha Story Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Anyone who knows anything about Japanese culture (or even just about awesome anime) knows the Geisha Story. It is a tale of romance, mystery and intrigue that is actually played out in real life on a daily basis, and is also one of the most widely misunderstood roles of any culture. While a western thinking mindset won’t relate to this character, any punter will appreciate the betting challenge and wildly exciting features! If you have already enjoyed our free casino slots games, then you will love this stupendous version filled with everything you could hope for, and more! Dive into this riveting and glorious adventure today!

Geisha Story Themes & Icons

These slots online are covered from one corner of the screen to the next with traditional imagery that paints a vivid and beautiful picture of both the culture and the rounds in general. Lotus blossoms are both an icon and they also canopy over the playing board in a fresh and fragrant picture that is so life like you feel like you can practically smell the flower buds! The traditional oriental pergola will also win you a large sum if you get this winning combination. Also be on the lookout for bonsai trees, koi fish, oriental fans, tea service and traditional garb such as parasols, and wooden clogs.

Those are the typical images that you will appreciate a sizeable win from. For the really big players, though, there is no replacing our wild, scatter and bonus symbols. These are unique icons that make winning something of a dream because of their size and frequency. Here is what you want to keep your fingers crossed for. The beautiful and mysterious lady of the hour is your bonus symbol for the Geisha Story reels. If she appears, quietly and demurely, on the first and fifth reel, you will be transported to the bonus round for awesome prizes! Choose the right fans to uncover your rewards. You’ll be receiving complimentary spins and multipliers that take your already hefty winnings and multiply them exponentially to give you even more!

Geisha Story Rewards

The handsome samurai swings his sword, and slices your losing odds in half! Why? Because, as a wild symbol, he can settle into a winning combination for any symbol other than the scatter and bonus icons! Finally, you’ll want to heed the sagely advice of the Grand Master because he has lots of wisdom to bestow. More than that, he has loads of cash to give away! Three of these symbols lands you five times your stake, while four will give you ten and five will give you fifty times the amount!

Geisha Story is a dollar ball match, which is an amazingly exciting feature that you are going to love. This jackpot feature lets you choose numbers of your design before you start your round. Once the reels start spinning, random numbers will start popping onto the screen. If any of these numbers are one of your chosen numbers, then you will get your earnings multiplied! So head over to the most phenomenal casino in South Africa, Mansion Casino, today, and start playing like a winner!

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