Play Goblin’s Cave Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Ugh, while they may be scary looking and quite unpleasant, they hoard a lot of gold, and now you can go after it in the three reel, five line multi spin slot games Goblin’s Cave. Come take a visit and you will be surrounded by numerous treasures, including gold coins and crowns. Looking to keep your eye on the ultimate prize and make the most possible money while playing, then look out for the bonus and wild features!

It is time to take a trip over to the Goblin’s Cave and snatch up all the gold you possibly can while the reels are spinning!

Why You Should be Playing Goblin’s Cave

Goblin’s Cave is easy to win, mainly because it gives you multiple opportunities to do so with five different paylines spinning! First things first, you need to study the paytable accordingly and then place your bet. The max bet is always the best option because it means the most money back for winning combinations. Then you have an initial spin where only one of the five lines is shown. You can then choose to hold and of the symbols. Keep in mind that those symbols will then appear on the other lines. Once you choose none, one, two, or three symbols to hold, hit “Spin” again and all five lines will show up. If you have any winning combinations, you will be paid out accordingly.

Not ready to use actual money just yet? Try playing for free first! Yes, you can do this and it is actually encouraged if you do not understand how the game works. Once you get the hang of the system, switch over to “Real Money” mode at any time you want!

Wild Symbols and Bonus Rounds with Goblin’s Cave

But those are not the only reasons why you should play Goblin’s Cave; no they are not! What if you could have even more opportunities to win major money?! You would totally go for it, wouldn’t you? Look no further than the wild symbol and the bonus round. These are to get you to win even more money! The ruby symbol is the wild symbol for this multi spin. It can be substituted for any other symbol (except the bonus symbol) to create a winning combination. Not only that, but if three on one line show up, you get the ultimate jackpot!

Oh, and yes, there is a bonus round too. To activate the bonus round, you need to get three lanterns on any one payline, not three lanterns spread across five lines. If you get the bonus, you are taken right to the lair of this unsavory creature and given the unique opportunity to take some of his treasure. Choose a chest and get the prize it contains!

Try this online slots adventure and other multi spin options at a casino in South Africa! Take a walk along Cyberspace Boulevard and play multi line, multi reel, or classic versions of this coin machine!

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